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A Little History About LAT...
Mike Warner and Kevin Stroner started playing together in 1995 after being introduced at Limerick Junction's open mic night. In '96, the two found a drummer and Kevin rented a house so they could start to practice. The name Loud American Tourists was born at 1124 Lindridge Dr. in Atlanta, and two weeks later the band performed together for the first time. LAT had their first gig at a public venue at Lous Blues Reveu in Atlanta. Soon after, they made their debuts at Smith's Olde Bar, the Chameleon Club, and the Dark Horse Tavern, now their most popular venue.

Despite limited funds, with Mike and Kevin recording at several "bargain" studios, the first CD Road Trip was produced in 1997. The highlights of 1998 were playing to a packed house at the Cotton Club and the Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta. The band also won the Georgia State Battle of the Bands that year, after a second CD was recorded live at the Point.

James Benefield and Phil Calvin joined the band in '99 as guitarist and drummer. LAT continued to play local venues and recorded a third CD July Girl. Maybe not their proudest moment, but certainly memorable, was when the band dressed in 70s disco attire and covered Blondie's "Heart of Glass" at the Masquerade.

In 2000, LAT was proud to open for their 2 biggest acts to date: Blue Oyster Cult and Dick Dale. Two more singles were recorded, "Unsure" and "Mild Oblivion". 2000 also brought the debut of Marvin Pitts, a new drummer.

That brings us to 2001, a rock odessey. The guys narrowly escaped a class 4 hurricane that tried to ruin their most enjoyable performance at the Virginia Highlands Summerfest. The latest CD, Self Absorbed, was released August 25, 2001 at the Dark Horse. It was great to see all the fans there- thanks for the continued support!